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Sades Headset Stand Wolfbone SA-D1

The WOLFBONE is a sturdy headset stand. It is easy to assemble with multiple locks. It is very convenient to pack up and pick out the headset.
High Quality: With the acrylic plastic and stable base, WOLFBONE supports your headset perfectly.
Easy to Install: Insert the components into the slots then finish assembling easily.
Safety: There is a rubber rest at the top of the cradle, which protects the headset from moving around and possible falling off.
Save Your Space: It Keeps your headset and cord in order, guards against your headset falling down and the cable tangling, and saves a lot of space on your desk.
Unique Design: The cradle has stylish design and beautiful blue color, being a decoration for your room.
Height : 26.5 cm/ 10.43 in
Length : 16.5 cm/ 6.50 in
Width : 13.2 cm/ 5.20 in